Genius DIY Bird Toy Ideas

We all know birds love to shred and chew, sometimes making small toys yourself can save you from constantly having to buy new toys. Beaks have a lot of power behind them and your bird will require some durable and store bought toys, but to help occupy them and keep them foraging and busy, try making some bird toys yourself.

Make sure that all the items you are purchasing are bird safe and do not have toxic dyes in them. We carry a HUGE variety of toy parts to help you make your own toys in the safest way!

  • Get a small basket or bucket that is sized appropriately for your bird and stuff it with balled up newspaper or shredded paper and hide treats or toy parts throughout it. Make sure that the basket is not going to be harmful if ingested by your bird.f95944779c10e02790639557f313f14a
  • Another basket idea! Buy a larger basket and wrap the handle of it in rope so that your bird can easily perch on it. Try adorning it with bells or little toys. Fill the basket with tissue paper and toys or treats for your bird to explore.
  • Get an old t-shirt and sew buttons all over it! Larger buttons are recommended so that your bird will not accidentally swallow them. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the buttons and no safety pins as they could injure your bird. You could either wear it while holding your bird so that they can chew and play and you can supervise, or attach it to the outside of their cage while they are having “out of cage” time.
  • CupHolderToy1-703x1024Not into the t-shirt idea? Just use a piece of fabric and sew colorful and different sized and shaped buttons all over it and just lay it on your shoulder for your bird to enjoy.
  • Use an empty egg carton and fill it with toys and treats and shut it. Safely hang it inside of their cage and let them shred it to acquire their surprise.
  • Stuff
    an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll with rolled up newspaper and toys and your bird will have a blast pulling it all out to retrieve their treat.
  • Try sticking a birdie skewer filled with fresh fruit or vegetables through an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll and hang it ff0a7b2f3359c55abacacca1a0e9bc3a3rom their cage for an added challenge.
  • String bird safe beads of all different shapes, sizes and colors on veg cured leather string and
    wear it as a necklace while your bird is perching on your shoulder. They will chew on that rather than expensive jewelry or clothes.
  • Buy a large wiffle ball (with large holes in it) and stick pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables in it (broccoli, apple chunks,
  • Buy a piece of balsa wood that is not Untitleddyed and drill¬†holes in it. Stuff beads in it or string rope through it and tie toys to the rope for your bird to play with.
  • Buy sisal rope or poly rope and tie knots in it, string beads on it, attach b6e88d80ebc51a1862c4d8225ab937882ells to the bottom and tie it inside of your bird’s cage for a fun and occupying toy.
  • Stuff a finger trap with shredded paper and treats for an extra foraging challenge
  • Hang a pair of overalls (just the top portion if they are long) from the top of the bird’s cage and stuff the pockets with toys.


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